Tod's bag in new "Dark Jeans" color

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  1. I'm seeing this Tod's "Bensonville" bag everywhere: on,, and now in a Tod's ad in Vanity Fair. What do you all think? The color is called "Dark Jeans." I had been thinking about getting a Balenciaga in the new Blueberry color, but this is kinda nice...

    (This pic from Neimans)
    tods bag.jpg
  2. It's a great color, I just bought a Gaucho in a similar blue and it looks fabulous with jeans! I prefer the Blueberry Balenciaga style wise though, I saw one the other day and it looked amazing.
  3. ^^I haven't seen Balenciaga Blueberry IRL yet. In some pics, it looks very light and bright (someone described it as Smurf Blue). But in some other pics, the color looks deeper???
  4. ^ I'm not absolutely sure it was Blueberry but the one I saw the other day at Neiman's in San Francisco was a dark blue, not a smurf blue at all. It was gorgeous. If I hadn't found the blue Gaucho I probably would have got it instead.
  5. That color is so pretty!
  6. I :heart: that color.
  7. Love the color!
  8. i have seen their classic Shopping Bag in the jean colour for their spring/summer collection. it is a nice and unique colour.
  9. That's a beautiful color. I bet it would go with just about anything. I'm already thinking up outfits in my head . . . :girlsigh:
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