Tod's.....awesome outlet sales!!!!

  1. I was just at the Orlando Tod's outlet - awesome deals!!! I bought a Milky Zip Media leather purse - get this, retails for $1200 - it was on sale for $595 - AWESOME deal right there, but wait - it gets better, I saved an addl 50% - oh yea, it was too good of a deal to pass up!! Yippee!! :nuts:
  2. WOW. congrats. I'm so jealous!! :p
  3. Is this just for today? I have a Tod's outlet near me....wondering if I should stop by.
  4. :yahoo: That's truly AWESOME! Congratulations!
  5. What a deal!:yahoo:, what colour did you get?
  6. :nuts: Does anyone know where other Tods outlets are?:nuts:
  7. There's a Tod's outlet in Cabazon, California...awesome selection!
  8. Good deal! Congrats!
  9. There's a great Tod's outlet at Woodbury. I bought a beautiful black Moccasino at a very low price -- like $300, after it was marked down, and then an additional 40% off. This was back in Feb. 07, but still -- they have good markdowns.
  10. What a great deal! I was there a few weeks ago and got a pretty good deal on a Girelli, but I did not get the additional 50% off! Wish they had that deal when I was there!
  11. Wow, great deal! I need to hit the outlet soon.... sounds like there are tons going on...
  12. where are all of the tod's outlets? do they do charge sends? i'm on the lookout for a pair of loafers for travel...
  13. I'm not sure if they do charge sends but a quick google search will tell you where the outlets are located.
  14. WOW ....that's a fantastic deal! are d-bag medias ever avail in outlets? anyone ever seen one there?
  15. ^I saw some D-bags in Orlando, but they only had suede ones.