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    This is a FAKE Tod's Nomand.
    I am posting this here because I posted in an earlier thread that I did not think Nomands were faked yet b/c they were too new. I am eating my words.
    Boy is it ugly! Note the suede interior, this is something TOD'S doesn't do in the Nomand. The material also looks very cheap, not even like leather.

    Happy shopping!
  2. Yuck, (imature, i know) that ugly fake sold for $122.00!!! Hope the buyer send it back.
  3. Funny listing--seller said she didn't know if it was leather or not. Ummm, that's a sign to stay away.
  4. Boxermom, OMG, I know. Too bad someone paid $122.00 for that plastic thing. Hope they request a refund.
  5. Indeed, I would never even consider a bag that had such a line in it's description. Same goes for "I dont know if this is authentic or not...", I figure, if they write that, they know its not leather/authentic!
  6. Yep! As if that absolves the seller of all responsibility fo selling a fake.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.