Tod's - all opinions welcome!

  1. Hello ladies!

    i am very much interested in this bag. Guess there's no problem buying it (this brand might not be often faked), but I wanted your opinion anyway... just in case :p

    Thank you!!
  2. I am not too familiar with Tod's, but I do like what I have seen in their bags. That bag is nice!
  3. Cute, well made bag, and I love Tod's! This one is more for day, IMHO.
  4. i love tods, i wish i could afford one (although that doesn't seem likely in the near future) but that price seems really low for a tods?
  5. I own four Tod's Mickey bags in different sizes and colors. This bag looks legit to me. Its price is not high since Tod's is not popular on eBay recently, plus this bag has been carried. This buyer probably hopes to lower her price so to track more bids.

    Tod's bags are well made and durable. Their designs used to be conservative, but I see more modern designs lately.
  6. That Tods is authentic, well the one in the picture. Tods bags are counterfieted but not particularly this style, more so the d-bag, another tote can't remember the name, starts witha "G", and the Miky with front zips. The Tods fakes are usually very obvious, well to me anyway.

    All the zippers on a Tods are metal, always!
    The lining is canvas with a few nylon exceptions (i've seen lately), no signature lining EVER!

    If you can snatch that bag for under $200.00 you will have done well :wlae:, it looks like it is in very good condition.

    Good luck!
  7. Nice bag! :smile:
  8. Tod's is simplistic yet beautiful, classic and the leather is just tdf. I love there shoes too.

    That bag is gorgeous, I'd knab it if I were you!
  9. Thanks to all of you!! Hope I will be lucky with the bidding! :smile:
  10. LT bag lady is right about some of the things to look for in Tod's. Some are faked, even though it's not a high profile designer. This one looks good. I have a Tod's bag and love it.
  11. This bag looks good, there are several variations of the Miky bag, especially at the outlets. I own one in black with the 2 slant zippers in front,open pockets on the end, and I love it, a great bag and comfortable to carry. Mine is the large, there are different sizes. Good luck with the bidding.
  12. Thanks again to all of you, hope to be lucky....:smile:
  13. I have a few Tods bags. While there is no "signature" way of telling authentic from fake one of the things I always look at is the zipper pull. This has an embossed T on. Good sign. Fakes to do not have that. Also this is not a wildy popular bag to be faked. I see more fake Dbags.

    I would go for it. Looks good! and good luck!!