Toddlers & Tiaras

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  1. Wow. I was horrified when I watched this today on TLC... I cannot believe some mothers :wtf: pushing their babies to win and for what?
    I remember one of the little 4 year old contestants respond to what she would do with $1000 prize: "I wanna win so I can buy a cow." :P

    They spray-tan them, shave their legs, do them up and push them to the max where the child stresses to a level where they feel confused and just do whatever it is they think will please everyone :sad:

    I wish these women would realize the great damage they are doing to their children :Push:
  2. I don't know if it is the same show, but I saw some woman talking about putting concealer on her baby! :wtf: When I say baby, I mean baby, like under two years old. What in the world would a baby have to conceal? Did she stay up late partying and needs to cover the dark circles?
  3. I couldn't believe it either! Fake hair, "flippers," $2000 dresses?!? One funny part was in the baby (under 1 year) division and the announcer said, "And (this baby) hopes to someday have teeth!" Or something like that... :smile:
  4. :nogood:
  5. Disgusting. The babies aren't even grown up yet and their moms are dressing them up like one? Give me a break.
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    I could not bring myself to watch it. That is just disgusting, I tell you! I wonder how many predators out there were glued to their TV's. Don't think that didn't happen, either. And I don't care what anyone thinks, those mothers have waaaaaaaay too much time on their hands. And flame me for this, if you must, but every single one of those mothers in the OP's video were overweight and didn't look like they cared much for their own appearance, so they obviously must be living their fantasy lives through their unfortunate children. It's almost like child abuse to me.
  7. :Push::Push::Push:

    Those moms are bad bad bad..:cursing:
  8. but honestly, how cute was the little tot when she got the money and was singing "I get a cow... I get a cow..."

    But the show/premise as a whole -- gag me...... I watched it because nothing else was on, but I sat there in shock the entire time.
  9. I'm glad you guys agree on that this is just crazy :Push:

    All I can think of is how much they are ruining these babies' self-esteem by drilling into their heads that it's all about looks :nogood:
    Toddler-hood, those are the ages when they should only be thinking about toys and games, not sparkly outfits, make-up or dance routines :tdown:
  10. INSANITY!! My best friend used to put her 2 kids in pageants, she used to always complain about the parents and how they treated their kids!

    She never EVER put makeup on her kids, but she did fork out big bucks for the dresses (which she would resell on Ebay after the pageant), the kids collectively won (Queen!) over 20 pageants WITHOUT all of the makeup and madness. Its all quite unnecessary.

    There are also these online pageants, some of them require these "Glitz" photos that are digitally enhanced, makes the kids look like little weird fake dolls lmao. They are horrible!

    Here are a couple I found online...


  11. That last picture looks like the beginning of a horror movie! Yipes!
  12. OMGoodness - that is unreal. I didn't watch the show because I didn't know when it came on. I will probably be disgusted or at least disturbed by it so I may watch one episode and call it a day. There is another show similar to this - it's called Little Miss Perfect on WEtv.
  13. I saw the commercials for the show and was horrified, and now it appears a new season is starting because I see another preview. CRAZY, shows like this should not air. I agree with the reviewer who talked about the predators.
  14. I'm sorry, but that last picture reminds me of one of those dolls that comes alive and kills you.
  15. Um, there's something wrong with the idea that the next thing out of the announcer's mouth would be "Their turn-ons include . . . . "