Toddlers are recognizing LV's !!!!

  1. My cousin has a 1 yr 8 month boy whose an absolute cutie pie.. and she has a neverfull as well as I do.

    I was over their place sitting and chatting with my cousin.. and her son walks in and starts staring at my bag..looking back and forth at his mom and the bag ( he doesnt talk only babbles mama dada) and then he ran to his moms room and got her her neverfull...
    It was hilarious and still is because whenever I see him he points at my bag and says MAMA!

    Also, I was in macdonalds placing an order and I hear this kid sitting on her chair screaming mama mama and pointing at me.. and the mom was next to me..
    shes like ' Excuse her I just have the same bag'.

    Guess LV is attracting the kids as well !
  2. hahahahaha how cuteeee riteee!! my son does the sameee thingggg!!! but instead of just pointing..he'll actually go and try to grab the bag thinking its minee LOL
  3. aww that's too cute! It's good they are 'trained' w/authentic LV at such young age, it'll be a piece of cake for them to spot a fake when they grow up. good job :tup:
  4. That's really cute. Those kids will grow up as real LV lovers.
  5. aww thats soooo cute!!!
  6. :lol: What a cute story.
  7. I teach Grade One and when we do printing the kids have to come up with words that begin with the letter we are studying. Every year at least one child says Louis Vuitton for L and Gucci for G. I even got Ferregamo one year!:supacool: It is amazing what they know.
  8. Does anyone else think that this is kind of sad? Not trying to start a heated discussion....just curious.
  9. ^ Hmm, maybe a bit... I'm afraid they'll only want LV and Gucci and Ferragamo in a couple of years and won't settle for anything else.
    But I think it's quite cute though that they recognize it!
  10. Hehe that is so funny and cute!
  11. I don't know if its sad; I kind of just show my 3yr old girl my bags and have her repeat the names just as a goof, so my husband can roll his eyes at me. But I understand your sentiment. When we were that age we didn't know about this stuff and didn't care. I don't want my little one to be obsessed with labels or beauty-I want her to be interested in school, books, art etc and I expose her to those things as well. I think little kids are exposed to some heavy stuff these days that they shouldn't have to deal with, if she knows mommy carries an LV or Gucci its not the worst thing.
  12. aw, that's really cute!
  13. Actually, I don't find it sad at all. I knew the premier design names when I was a kid but didn't grow up liking them because all the "mommies" were carrying them. It's only now that I'm older did I develop appreciation for the brands after years of no-name brand stuff. Plus, kids have their own brands, Roxy for example or Baby Phat.
  14. Wow smart kids!
  15. How cute! MAMA!!