Toddler thrown onto freeway from pedestrian overpass

  1. Suspect babysat toddler thrown onto H-1

    A man threw a boy he sometimes babysat off the Miller Street pedestrian overpass today to his death, then calmly walked away and smoked a cigarette in a surreal, gruesome crime that shocked police and witnesses.

    Police took Matthew Higa, 23, who listed no local address, into custody in connection with the death. Records show he has four outstanding misdemeanor warrants.

    Police said he occasionally babysat the child, but apparently was not related to him. The child's identity was not released yesterday, and police did not say where the child lived.

    Police said one or two cars struck the boy after the 30-foot fall from the overpass at Miller Street and Magellan Avenue.

    Hawaii doesn't have the death penalty, but for people like this, I wish we had the option of sending them to a state that did.
  2. i read this on another forum and i can't tell you just how FURIOUS i am!! What kind of human being does this to an INNOCENT toddler? ARGHHH it's too bad HI doesnt have the death penalty!
  3. I feel physically sick.:cry:
  4. This is so senseless. Poor baby. I have no words to accurately express how angry I get at stupid evil people like this!
  5. People like this don`t deserve to live, he should also be thrown off the same overpass, I`d like to do it myself!!!!!
  6. Just speechless. Why?? :crybaby:
  7. Why would you let someone like that babysit your child in the first place?

    I feel terribly sorry for the drivers who hit the child, must be just awful :sad:
  8. Its an awful story alround, but at the end of it all a little innocent love has lost their life, how must the parents be feeling.
    I think it would crack me up totally, couldn`t live with it!!!!
  9. I feel so sorry for the parents, that's such a horrible thing to happen, they must be so traumatised. I totally agree junkenpo, send him to a state WITH the death penalty. It's a completely senseless, horrific crime.
  10. truly sad
  11. This man must be completely insane- I just can't imagine there being one shred of sanity in the mind of someone who could do this to a small child. How terrible.
  12. That is disgusting. What a awful and cowardly act.
  13. Unbelievable...I just have no words..
  14. I always think I've heard about the worst in people, and then I read stories like this. The thing that can drive a person to the brink of insanity is that things like this happen ALL THE TIME. WTH is WRONG with people?
  15. This sickens me! There are no word, I just dont know WHAT is going on in the world today. So sad!