Toddler Gets Jammed In Airport Conveyor Belt

  1. Tuesday, December 11, 2007

    A two-year-old girl who wandered off in an airport suffered cuts and bruises after she was whisked into a baggage conveyor belt system.

    The toddler walked through an empty check-in desk at Manchester Airport and hopped on to the luggage machine.
    She was then swept down the four-mile long tunnel of the conveyor system and trapped before being rescued by an engineer.
    A source said her clothes had been torn but she only needed hospital treatment for cuts and bruises. It was not known if she had passed through an X-ray machine but she was discovered in the first of three tiers of the baggage system.
    The girl went missing at about 6:45 p.m. last Thursday, as her parents joined the line for a flight to Islamabad in Terminal 2.
    She wandered off as they checked in their own luggage.
    The couple raised the alarm when they could not find her.
    Shortly after the alert, an engineer found the child as he investigated a stoppage in the conveyor system.
    Paramedics took her to Wythenshawe Hospital and she was kept in overnight as a precaution.

    "(We) are working with the ground handling agent and the Health and Safety Executive to understand exactly how it occurred and take whatever steps are necessary to ensure this cannot happen again," said an airport spokesperson.,2933,316448,00.html

    I cannot begin to imagine the sheer horror and fright this family went through.
  2. That toddler should have been holding hands with a parent or in a stroller. Everyone knows how dangerous it is to let a toddler looses, especially in a crowded place. I wonder if the parents will try to sue for their neglect....?
  3. How idiotic! I have a 4yr old and I never let her out of my sight in public places. your kid, or at least buy one of those kid leashes. I think they look pretty silly, but at least this wouldn't have happened.
  4. The girl and the parents are lucky that the conveyor belt is the worst that happened. There are much, much darker dangers in airports.

    While I applaud the airport for saying they will try to take steps to prevent this in the future, the fact is that any public place is dangerous for a toddler when not under immediate parental supervision. Anything can be a hazzard, from the conveyor belts to rotating doors, to child predators, moving vehicles or even drowning in a toilet. The fact is that no child should be let out of a parent's reach in a place like an airport and the airport cannot be held responsible for what happens if they are.

  5. you took the words right out of my mouth! those parent's are beyond lucky and surely should realize that this was no one's fault but their own.
  6. Unreal. When my kids were that age, I ALWAYS had a tight hold on them. ALWAYS.


    They better not try to sue the airport authority.
  8. Totally agree. It is not the airports responsibility to police children. The parents should have been watching the child. I can't count on my fingers and toes how many times I have traveled and have seen children left alone while the parent goes to the bathroom or they go to get their bags. I won't even leave my dogs alone when I travel and have to get my bags.
  9. Wow!! I'm glad the child is safe. Just shows you how quickly a child can "disappear" while in a public place. You turn around for one second and the next second the child is missing. Watch your kids!!! Don't get distracted!!!
  10. Social Services or whatever institution is able to do it should press charges against the parents. Seriously, whats more important your luggage or your child? :yucky:
  11. At least she only had cuts and bruises, it could have been a lot worse...but what idiot parents to let your child out of your site for a second...
  12. I can't believe the parents let the kid wander off-- and that nobody behind the baggage counter OR the cameras picked up "Hey! that kid's jumping on a conveyor belt!"
  13. wow, that is my worst fear...being sucked under one of those belts. Poor thing!!!! the parents need a lesson in caution.
  14. Thank heavens she was alright. I have a 2 year old, and I know how quick they can be. I think it will serve as a lesson learned to the parents (I hope).