Today's trip to LV

  1. Today I decided to go into the LV store and make up my mind about the bag that I want my fiancee to buy me for my 23rd birthday.

    I THINK that I have decided on the Saleya GM. It is super huge, but the SA took out all of the stuffing and it looks really cute on me...but I'm 5'10" tall:smile:

    I also fell in love with the Porte Tresor International wallet and the Antigua Plate (the cosmetics bag) GM in the Rose color. Sooooo cute.

    The store was pretty busy since it was Saturday, and my fave SA Vanessa was with another customer, so I was helped out by Kendra, who is super sweet as well...

    LOL thanks for taking the time to read this! What do ya'll think of my choices??:heart:
  2. I think the Saleya is gorgeous. It sounds like it will look great on you! Hope you have a great birthday!!:flowers:
  3. I love the saleya and since you're really tall, it would look marvelous on you!
  4. Thanks, ladies!! Being so tall is usually a pain, but at least I can pull of big bags:lol:
  5. Lucky you!
    Congrats on making your mind up on such a great bag! :heart:
  6. YES! and happy birthday!
  7. I am tall too and the Saleya GM is a great bag. Have a happy birthday:wlae:
  8. i vote for the saleya
  9. Both are really great! Good luck with choosing the bag and have a great birthday!!
  10. Thanks for the warm wishes, ladies!! LOL I should also add that I made my birthday list ALLLLIIIIIITTTTTLLLLLEEEE ahead of time since my birthday isn't until...uh...October 4th! :shame::shame::shame::shame::shame:


    LOL He is going to buy me the bag next month, but I used to be a Girl Scout, so I like to be prepared. :lol: Plus, it gives me a good excuse to go into the LV store:heart::heart:
  11. Good choice and I HIGHLY recommend the PTI wallet. I got one a month or so ago and just adore it.
  12. Great Choices! My vote goes towards the Saleya, it such a cute bag and will look extra cute on you because you are tall!
  13.'s ok..I have my list too and my birthday isn't until November 4th.
  14. Thanks LV Babydoll you made me feel alittle better:rolleyes:
  15. Haha I've had my list made for quite a few months now, come to think of it.
    Buuut, there's nothing wrong with that of course. ;)
    I know I know, keep telling myself that, right? :lol: