Today's Tory Haul [emoji4]

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  1. Just a little sump'n sump'n to tide me over while I wait for my chance to snag the ever elusive unicorn Chanel leather espadrilles (at a fraction of the cost lol!)

    The Miller sandal was staring at me so forlornly that I had to bring her home too

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  2. I love the TB espadrilles and I was so tempted to get the light colored ones, but I just know I'd get them stained. I wonder if you can put a protector on the canvas, they are canvas right?
  3. These are leather. I wore them all day yesterday and they are super comfortable! I'm worried about getting them dirty as well but we'll just have to see how that goes..but for now I think I found my go to summer shoe!
  4. That's awesome that they're leather, I would definitely put a protector on them. I have 3 pairs of the canvas espadrilles and they are so comfortable. I got caught in a rainstorm in England a few years ago and soaked a pair, I stuffed them with newspaper and they dried out beautifully, I still wear them.
  5. i googled unicorn Chanel leather espadrilles expecting to see some unicorns... haha but anyway these look great and comfortable
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  6. Looooove these, and the Miller is sooooooo comfy, congrats
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  7. I want both of those now!
  8. I've been wearing both nonstop for the past week! Soooo comfy!! The perfect summer shoes, they go with everything!
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  9. Love both of these, so cute for the summer!
  10. lol

    Now that would be something!!!

    These are my elusive Chanel unicorns lol..I've been wait listed for months!

    (Pics taken from Google)


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  11. Love these