Today's the day! or... is it?? I need enablers!

  1. I posted a thread earlier about how my DH would like to buy the black denim neo cabby (in mm/gm) when he gets back from his trip, and well... TODAY's the day! But im finding myself a little hesitant now...i couldnt sleep!! HAHA!
    It would be my first denim piece and im worried about how it will keep up for the years ahead. :confused1:

    i need enablers or otherwise; pros, cons, ill happily take them!! :woohoo:

    ** i feel a little guilty for peeking at the chanel thread trying to see if anything will peak my interest.. im going to be banned until next year after this one... ive made about 4 LV purchases and 1 chanel purchase this year already! :sweatdrop: This last '07 purchase HAS to be a good one!

    I know u all understand where im coming from!

    Thanks in advance!!!!!!;)

  2. OMG are you kidding? get it get it get it!!! I've had my Cabby GM for two weeks and I LOVE IT!!! It is also my first denim piece. It's such a comfy bag to carry and carry it so many different ways! I was a little hesitant too because of the price but now that I have it I can never let it go!

    Good luck with your decision! Let us know what you get!
  3. GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's such a gorgeous bag! Lucky you...I'm jealous. hehe!
  4. Get it!!
  5. Get it!!! I love mine.....haven't put it away since I first started using it. It's gorgeous and I get a ton of compliments.
  6. I'm not an enabler. Just be careful and be sure you can comfortably afford your purchase....whatever it is.
  7. I agree that as long as you can afford it and your DH is willing, get it! It's an awesome bag. It's a bit pricey but it's almost like 3 bags in one. I think the denim is meant to be very durable. I love this bag so much.
  8. Great bag! I love mine and it is very well made. I don't think you will regret getting it. Especially since it is being bought as a gift.
  9. Can you try it on before you buy at the store? I would really recommend trying it beforehand because it's not a flattering shape, ime.
  10. Get it! Denim is something that is going to last and keep its shape and would be easy to clean in case of anything.... its strong too!
  11. Get it!!! It's a gorgeous bag. :yes:
  12. Yes get it!! It's such a beautiful bag!
  13. Its beautiful! You can always try it and if you don't like it, you can bring it back for something else?
  14. Love it! Gorgeous!
  15. :s Im really embarrassed!!!

    So much for my attempt to come back home with my new cabby! i came home empty handed instead!
    i tried BOTH the GM and MM and found that i liked the MM much better, although its tdf, its not as dark as i hoped it would be :sad: also i would like it better with a longer strap (SA said i might have to wait 6 mos or so for LV to come out with additional accessories for the cabby, also the newer denim is not coming out in a cabby style apparently its going to look spy bag-ish and will be around $2k per the SA) so seeing that was a cause for concern for me i thought id think it over some more. :shrugs:
    i did put both the GM & MM on hold though..

    i went over to chanel and they had some pretty nice pieces around the same price range and theyre leather... now im SO confused! :cursing:

    :hysteric: <--- i was like this while driving home.

    ** better having problems deciding on what i want than having problems GETTING what i want i guess :sweatdrop: