Today's Stunning Pictures

  1. [​IMG]

    Chocora, a female miniature dachshund and her adopted baby wild boar at Neo Nature Park in Nago city, Okinawa province, Japan. The baby boar was abandoned by it's mother and found by a Neo Park employee.
  2. [​IMG]
    A one-month-old female Golden Snub-nosed monkey is held in the arms of her mother at the Yokohama zoological gardens Zoorasia, south of Tokyo
  3. [​IMG]
    Penguins dive into the water as an aquarium female employee cleans the out the Penguin habitat in Tokyo
  4. I must admit, Ive never heard of a Golden snub - nosed monkey. They sure are cute.
  5. Love the pics. Prada. I love the look of contentment on the face of that adorable baby monkey, safe in the arms of his mummy.:love:
  6. This so sweet.:heart:
    I have a new desk top now.:yes:
  7. Awww.... I have never heard of a golden snub nosed monkey either, they are so cute.
  8. Prada, thanks for the cool pics, I can't get over the baby boar with the doxie, how cute!!!!

  9. Precious!Love those little Micheal Jackson noses :smile:.
  10. Gorgeous pics, thanks again Prada´s Meadow!
  11. Thanks for sharing. Such cute pics.
  12. Gorgeous pics Prada, thanks for posting. First two are adorable!
  13. I would give anything to work with penguins! I love them have for years they are so friggin cute!
  14. Your welcome ladies.
  15. Dear God, those are adorable pics!