Today's Splurge

  1. So I've lost all hope on buying the Deva heels. Looks like they won't be available in my size.
    So....:rolleyes: I bought some more bags. HOWEVER ,they're not lesportsac bags. Has anyone bought anything from ? they have all kinds of Tokidoki things that are the actual tokidoki brand. So I got the "shopper" tote bag in pink and one of the shoulder bags in blue (with the soccer girl). So for $115 I was able to get 2 bags instead of one lesportsac bag.
    I'm gonna use the shopper for my yarn :yahoo: i'll be so cool when i go to my stitch and ***** groups
  2. oooh, neat! :]!!

    do you crochet..? or knit? or both? i used to go to these meetings at school where fellow students teach you how to crochet different types of stuff! it was fun!
  3. Are those things real? Why are they so cheap?
  4. I was going to buy two pens..which came out to about $10...but the shipping came out to about $ that would be $22 for TWO PENS? Um. No thanks. If the shipping were cheaper, I'd consider it...but for two pens, hell naw. Maybe if I combined and bought a bag or two it would be worth it hahaa.
  5. Ohh thanks GothicGirl! I've seen this site before. I forgot about it. My kids are eraser freaks! But gosh.. $7.47 for erasers.. egads.. lol maybe not for them..
  6. hey! hahah.. you calculated too! I know.. after converting.. i said the same thing.. i love the pens but i can't spend that much.. i'd rather throw that money on a bag lol
  7. I've been meaning to buy a regular tokidoki bag, but never found it anywhere outside of eBay. I know a seller who sells them cheaper from UK but she doesn't have all those styles. She was selling them around 30-40 w/ shipping, so I can't bring myself to buy the stuff from there, but they don't have the bag I reallly want either except the gray messenger!
  8. The stuff on that site are really cute though. It doesn't say if they combine shipipng..but I'd assume they would? IDK. I had to calculate haha, had to see how much everything would be together. I mean paying $27 for a tokidoki bag is $12 for shipping is still only $ that's excellent...but not for small things like pens unless you add it in the same box or something hahahha.
  9. ooo they ship the the us? I hate converting $$ tho lol... ah I want some stuff... I still want to get one of the original sweet gothic bags he made... and the red one with the nurse :push:

    NVM I found the button to convert currency!! :heart:
  10. They have a thing on the right side that says "Currency" and you can convert it to "US Dollars" :smile:
  11. I knit. Lots of girls in my group like tokidoki. and just other other day i discovered simone designed a watch with a little girl knitting a sock. it's so cute!!

  12. They're real. they're just not the lesportsac brand we're use to. They're not that cheap. they're in english pounds which is like twice the amount in US dollars. the description says they're made with good quality and tough material too.

  13. They're in pounds? Oh crud...LOL, I thought that was the Euro sign...
  14. ^lol you're so funny :biggrin:!! you're supposed to be saving for your car funds!! haha