Today's shopping reveal (early Xmas gifts).


Jun 1, 2011
Hello everyone, I went to H store today just for browsing. While there, I spot an item that I've been wanting for a while (for you who read the Xmas wishlist thread can make a guess as i listed this item as one of my wishes to santa:P:P). Unfortunately they don't have the colour that I wanted but this colour also looks nice when I tried it on. So I said yes to my nice SA. Then moving on browsing to handbags on display, nothing that I like (just a black lindy, gp in black canvas and oversize one in blue, orange bolide - small size, some canvas marwari). I asked my SA if they have this bag that I've been wanting as well, and he went to the back and came back with an orange box (noooo it's not B or kelly :lol:) and I'm surprise that the colour and size are also the one on my wishlist to santa. Thank you santa!! I promise I'll be good until I get my 2nd B :biggrin::biggrin:.

So anyone up for reveal????