Todays purchases (no, not Legacy!)

  1. Since my outlet is 3 hours away, I dont think I like these bags enough to drive 6 hours for, so I did a quick telephone order. My SA also honored the PCE discount for me again, so I'm especially happy! Bag for me for Christmas, gloves for my mom.
    hamptons.jpg gloves.jpg
  2. That bag is so gorgeous! And your mom is a lucky gal, those gloves are very nice! I love the clip on the wrist!
  3. Love them both. Congrats
  4. beautiful !
  5. That bag is gorgeous as are the gloves! :tup:

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think I've seen you post about the Atlantic City outlet... if so, do you live in Jersey?
  6. Hi Sissabelle - yes I live in Central NJ. The AC outlet was fun when I went in October, but it was a weekday and not two weeks before Christmas!! A little too far - its both good and bad, if you know what I mean! Are you in NJ too?
  7. Okay I thought you had mentioned AC, and since it was far that you might be in North Jersey. I'm in NW Jersey, and I usually go out to the Tannersville outlet which is in the Poconos, only about 10 miles in from the Gap. So I don't know if that might be more convenient to you than AC?

    I soooo don't blame you for not wanting to go down there during the holidays! I've yet to get to that outlet, but will probably try midweek when I'm down the shore at some point next summer :smile:
  8. That is a beautiful bag! I love your Mom's gloves, nice present!
  9. love that red!
  10. Love the bag. Congrats!
  11. i love that bag so much! its gorgeous! :nuts:

    i might need some new gloves soon. i can't seem to find my old ones. :whistle:
  12. They both look very chic. Congrats!
  13. Thanks everyone! I thought I was done w/Coach stuff for the holidays (except for a gift card that I know I'll get!), but my husband bought himself yet ANOTHER guitar (his "Coach"!) so he said I'd better pick up something else to even things out! I've always thought this bag was just beautiful but wasnt sure about the red. Now that I've seen everone w/the red Carlys here, it kinda inspired me. And I saved him $$ w/the discount so he was very happy too!

    Sissabelle, thanks for the outlet info. I seem to be in a crappy location in NJ as far as Coach outlets are concerned. I'm sure I'll make a trip back to the AC one at some point next year - its just not something I can do all the time! That AC Expressway confuses me to no end, so I have to have my driver (DH) take me!
  14. The hamptons in red is soo gorgeous and versatile. I wish they'd do more styles in the embossed leather. Congrats!