Today's purchase!


LV Baby!
Mar 20, 2007
Dallas, TX
I went to use my PCE and only planned on getting a keyfob (trying to save $ for baby). Oh well, that went out the window! My too sweet SA saw me looking at the silver Zoe and asked what I was going to be using it for. I said an everyday bag and she told me that it tends to scratch easily. Then she said "let me go look in the back and see if we have new new stuff in silver!" OK!! She came out with a bag that won't be released till the end of February when the new floorset comes out. Anyway, I assume it's a Resort tote but forgot to ask what it's called! It's so beautiful and nothing I ever saw myself carrying. It's a rose gold metallic and is so soft and lightweight and comfy to carry :heart: She had 2 in the back so I took one :tup:
Here are some pics- let me know what you think (even if you don't like it!). I can't get a pic that shows the true pinky-gold color but trust me, it's beautiful. Thanks for looking!

on my arm but I'll wear it on my shoulder- the strap is awesome!

and last- the only thing I went to the boutique to buy--


Jul 10, 2008
Oh, that is gorgeous. Looks great on you. do you mind if I ask how much it was?
Jan 2, 2008
oooo, that bag is gorgeous! I didn't think the dimensions were that big, but it looks like it would hold a lot, congrats!