Today's purchase

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  1. Since I join this forum not long ago, I only posted chanels, here are some today's purchase from Talvin, my favorit sa from Nashville LV.:yes:
    DSC03158.jpg DSC03159.jpg DSC03160.jpg
  2. As you see, I am hiding these bags in my daughter's room, LOL!
  3. ohhhh i love the pomme roxbury! congrats :heart:
  4. How pretty, the roxbury is gorgeous---but, what is in all of the Tiffany bags?!?!?!?
  5. Congrats on all your new LV items!!!!
  6. ^^ I wanna know what are in those tiffany bags too!! congrats on your shopping trip, the roxbury is FAB!
  7. Oh how I love that Roxbury!! Good choice!
  8. WOW! You have amazing purchases. Congrats on you roxbury. I love the colour.
  9. Congrats! I love the Roxbury, and congrats on the Pateki (the little puzzle). :heart:
  10. Rockin' Roxbury!!! Congrats!
  11. Nice! do tell us what you got from Tiffany's!
  12. I like:drool:
  13. Thanks. I missed the heart purse, got this instead, love the candy apple color.
  14. Well, if you have to know, I spent little bit over 50,000 there today,on one ring, the rest are just gifts from the manager. a little upgrading:graucho: :p
  15. Thanks. Brand new here.