Today's Outlet Store finds!!!

  1. Picked up three things at the outlet today...wanted more...but I've got two other Coach items on the way to me that were purchased on ebay this I tried to control myself.

    Scarf Print Tote was about $105. Black clutch was like $170. Badge Holder was $29.
    2.jpg 2_1.jpg 2_2.jpg 2_3.jpg
  2. GORGEOUS! congrats :yahoo:
  3. I love your finds..unfortunately I didn't find anything..everything at the outlet I went to seemed really marked up & nothing was over 20% off, some bags were still full price. I really love the clutch, you got it for a great price..there was one for I believe $199.00 w/ 20%off just b/c it was missing the diamond clasp.
  4. Most of what I saw at Hagerstown was only 20% off...including the clutch....there were just 3 tables at 50% off....and two of them had scarf print...the other one had some misc stuff from the same season as the scarf print.
  5. No scarf print at Leesburg (which I already knew thanks to a nice PFer who called ahead earlier and shared here) but not much else either. i did buy the Chelsea pebbled leather zip around wallet that I had originally bought at the regular Coach store back in June but then returned when I saw it for nearly half off when it was on sale at the outlet. It was on sale again today ($119 instead of $188) so I was finally able to snap it up.

    They did have the big Daphne top-handle satchel in camel for 20% off $309, and I did carry it around for a bit, but I just couldn't justify it since I already have it in white, and I'm not completely crazy about that bag anyway. (That, and I had already bought a new MJ Sophia bag at Off Fifth for only $275 before I walked over to the Coach outlet. Heh.)
  6. I love that id holder shellbell. I'm planning on getting one of those soon.
  7. Thanks! They had it in a few other colors too....a plum, a blue, and tan. I don't need to use it now...but I will when my next transfer happens I couldn't pass it up!!!
  8. nice deals! congrats!
  9. Oh I want an ID lanyard so bad! Great finds shelbell, thanks for sharing!
  10. nice finds! congrats! i like the black clutch!
  11. that tote was a crazy deal! love everything
  12. Congrats!! Great finds!!
  13. congrats!! aww i've been wanting to go to woodbury this weekend since 4th of july lol. but god this place was a mess, no electricity for two days, so many trees blocking roads and accidents, i lost my umbrella and walked back to work with my hot chocolate on my scrubs instead of my cup. i couldnt get out of town.. is it worth going tomorrow?

    i love how the stuff you got can take you from everyday, to work, then out for the night! may i ask if that id holder is double sided? i too have been looking for one, but started thinking if i should hold out if i could find a double sided one instead.
  14. AARTI-Glad your power is back on...I got lucky...only lost it for about 8 hours...and it was I wasn't missing out! Rain stopped last night and sun finally came out this was NICE!

    Anyway, ID holder has the clear side, and the other side has two slots for if you wanted to stuff some cash or a credit card in there you could.
  15. oh i see, thats actually even better then what i was looking for LOL! well the good thing about loosing the power is that i had a lot of time looking through the Tiffanys catalogs, and i only have that heart bracelet. now i have a starfish pendant on the way, and want to pick up four other things LOL... now that theres light I'm looking at my latest bank statements..