Today's outlet purchase

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  1. Got this cute wristlet today at the outlet. Regular $128, I got it for $31.05.

  2. GREAT score. I thought I got a bargain when I picked this up for around $47.
  3. So cute! Didn't know those were still around; I love that design.
  4. Very cute! Congrats on getting it for a great deal too!
  5. so cute! love the tiny tassels!
  6. Wow, blast from the past! The duffles that match that were in outlets close to a year ago. Great deal you got!!!
  7. Cute!
  8. Cute and great deal
  9. Love this! Great find and great price too!
  10. That's a new one on me. Congratulations!
  11. Very pretty :smile:)
  12. Great find, congrats !
  13. Very nice! Enjoy.
  14. Never saw this design. Cute
  15. Super cute! Congrats!