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  1. I took the day off, and my mom and I went to the outlet. She has never been before. She usually just have me to take pics and send them to her phone to see what she wants! She was like a kid in a candy store! And of course she was happy because it was my treat! I scored the magenta patent spotlight, a pair of shades, matching magenta skinny mini, and the new poppy heart shaped coin purse keychain that someone returned!! I will do my reveal as soon as I get in from picking up my girls from school!:nuts:
  2. WOO HOOO great shopping day! can't wait to see!!!
  3. wow some beautiful buys..the heart coin purse is super cute
  4. Sounds like a win-win day...time with your Mom and great scores at the outlet! Look forward to seeing your great finds. What did your Mom get?
  5. Bring it my GA Friend
  6. congrats!!!
  7. Ooh I'm excited to see!
  8. yay!!!!! bring it!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I want the magenta coinpurse SO BADLY!!!
  10. Excited to see..

  11. Mom got the signature bleeker
  12. loading pics now!!
  13. yay!!!!!! i'm going to the grove tomorrow,,,whats all good?
  14. they had a lot of mff bags, a good bit of poppy, and claire and julianne, and 1 pink op art sabrina, and 1 black op art sabrina.
  15. here they are!!!! (sorry i didnt get a pic of mom's)!!

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