Today's my birthday and I've been celebrating Coach style...

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! The Cobalt Maggie is GORGEOUS--that color is so rich and saturated, I love it. Gorgeous Zoe too :biggrin: what a great birthday!
    and the cupcake... I adore it!!
  2. Happy Birthday Angelic*Ruin!!! :yahoo:

    That's a lovely Cobalt Blue Maggie, lovely cupcake pursefob, and a very very very pretty Large Rose Patent Zoe!

    ITA with you on getting the Rose Patent over the Berry--I have many dark-coloured bags and the Rose just adds a nice bright pop of colour. But, I did get the Berry before the Rose and at these prices, it's totally worth it! :nuts:

    I hope you're enjoying your birthday!

    I actually got a LV Speedy 35, the Large Berry Patent & Rose Patent from two pre-birthday gift certificates from my BF! It's still not my birthday yet, but I am enjoying them for all their worth. :P Next month I will officially age one year. ;)
  3. Beautiful bags, Happy Birthday!
  4. What great new bags and I love the cupcake! Congrats!
  5. Happy B-Day... Great gifts.... Maggie looks great with the FOb
  6. Happy Patent Birthday!! Those are such beautiful colors, and the cupcake is too cute.
  7. Happy birthday Angelic*Ruin!!! Birthday reveals are always the best because you know you get the good stuff. You definitely got some great stuff! I just got the Maggie in the patent graphite andI love her! She is so functional! And I was just saying in another thread how I am starting to warm up to the Rose Zoe because I was a bit disappointed by the hardware on the Berry Zoe.

    Enjoy all your fabulous new stuff and have an awesome birthday!
  8. Happy Birthday :O) argh im still torn between berry and rose they will all be gone by the time I decide lol
  9. I am LOVING that cupcake fob! And your Maggie is TDF :love:
  10. Happy Birthday- love the new additions!
  11. The Cobalt is a beautiful color. Happy B-day.
  12. ouuuuuuu such beautiful bags!
    happy birthday!!
  13. Happy birthday! You got some fabulous bags to celebrate and your cupcake charm will look darling on both of them.
  14. wow, happy bday to you, congrats
  15. :Partyhat: Happy Birthday! Gorgeous Maggie & Zoe bday gifts!!