Today's my birthday and I've been celebrating Coach style...

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  1. DH bought me the Patent Cobalt Maggie for my birthday. :yahoo: And I purchased the Cupcake key fob a couple weeks ago as a gift to myself. :graucho:

    And DH took me to the Aurora Premium Outlets in NE Ohio this afternoon and I picked up a large Rose Zoe for under $200 including tax. :biggrin: I chose the Rose over the Berry (which was also gorgeous, but close in color to other bags I already own.)

    Pics below...


  2. OMG these are beautiful -
  3. MY BDAY WAS FRIDAY! happy birthday!!!
    and LOVE your bday haul! sooooo georgous! the cobalt is tdf!!!! and im pretty jealous of the cupcake!!!! ive been wanting one. AND the rose is prettyful!! CONGRATS!
  4. Beautiful bags and Happy Coach Birthday!! :yahoo:
  5. Happy birthday! Congrats. on your new bags--they are both gorgeous! I esp. love that Maggie--it's stunning! Enjoy!
  6. Happy birthday! That blue is SO pretty! I love, love, love my Maggie & my cupcake. SO FREAKING CUTE! :smile: That Zoe is really pretty, too. I only remember seeing the berry at my outlet. Love the color you got! :woohoo: Good work!
  7. happy birthday angelic!
  8. wow!!!what a great happy brthday to you...they are beautiful...=)
  9. Happy Birthday!! Congrats on your birthday haul...those are both awesome bags. I love the cupcake too, very cute.
  10. you'll love your maggie, I know I do!
  11. Nice! *waves hi from the other Tokidoki forum*
  12. Happy Birthday and congrats!! I bet those made your day! :ghi5:
  13. Love the maggie... it looks nicer in this picture than in the website.. I think I want one now.. :smile:
  14. :nuts: Preeettyy!!! Congratulations!! How sweet of your husband! Love it love it!
  15. Happy birthday C!!! Awesome gifts!!! Do you still have the other zoe?