Today's loot!

  1. Here's what came home with me today!

    My Birkin :yahoo: (came back good as new after a free repair of the inner pocket stitching)

    ...and her new bling - the 2004 Palladium Heart Cadena (which my SA traversed the planet to find :love: )

    Toits de Paris scarf in the cream/turquoise colorway.

    Jardin Sur le Nil Teapot with platinum rim!
  2. AAAAAAAAAH!!!! so purrrrrrrrrrrty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everything is so yummy!!!!
  3. Yay! Congrats on the new loot, GT and happy for you that your Birkin is finally home! :party:
  4. your birkin and your birkin's new bling!! How long was she in the hermes hospital getting repaired??
  5. Congrats, GT!!! All very, very nice indeed. Glad your Birkin came back good as new.
  6. Gorgeous choices GT--glad to see Ms. Potiron again!
  7. Soooo prreeetttyyy...! Love the new bling on her too...and everything else in between...heehee :yes:
  8. Thanks! About 6 weeks, but I had to wait 1.5 weeks longet to go get her (long drive) and I was out of town when the call came in.
  9. ^^^What a wait!! So it's like having the thrill of a brand new bag all over again huh?
  10. Congrats on all your goodies!!! I REALLY love the's the perfect touch!!
  11. love your loot!
  12. Just gorgeous Greentea! Love the new goodies too!!!
  13. Glad your baby is back! Yummy loot! Congrats!
  14. So GT did they stitch and give your bag a spa as well? Love the heart - I have the same! And the scarf is so pretty! And the teapot - well I just love it all!! Enjoy your bag...
  15. oh what a happy happy reunion!!!
    beautiful scarf. lucky you with that cadena!