Today's Loot - Boutique

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  1. I ordered the Watercolor Striped Weekend Tote (not the huge diaper bag), the Makeup Bag and Wristlet. The demi is actually a nice size roll bag. I almost ordered that. Can't figure out what to use the diaper bag/tote for so I passed. might be a PCE purchase.

    They are trying to get me a rose Legacy Shoulder Bag - will know in a little bit if they have 1 left.

    I used my 40% off letter on the Black leather Mandy Courier. Picked up the wristlet & envelope wallet to match.
  2. As I am doing research at home, I hope I am getting the right weekend bag. The girl pointed to it on the shelf. Somehow I am only seeing watercolor in the small bag. Gonna have to check my receipt which is in my car!
  3. Nice loot! Can't wait to see pics.
  4. Congrats can't wait to see pics
  5. I was just at there and we looked through the look book and they did not have that nice size weekend tote all the other bags are in, they only had hobo, small tote, and the diaper bag size. I am so bummed. Let me know if you got something different.
  6. can't wait to see them!
  7. My slip says 10067 ($198). It was not in the red book. It was on a card in the book the SA's have behind the counter. Still waiting - SA's did not know if it will be coming out in a wallet of any type. The other #'s are 40480 wristlet and 40465 beauty case. You can put watercolor in the search space on to see what else is available.
  8. Is that the one that is 11 X 7? I tried on the scribbles that was there in that size and I thought it was cute but could not get it on my shoulder without my jacket on. I so want this tote but a little bigger and not as big as the diaper bag. It is drving me nuts because this seems to happen a lot with the bags I like! I am sure you will just adore it and love the colors.
  9. I believe this is one size up. The 10025 is the 11X7.5.
  10. Congrats! I can't wait to see pics of everything!
  11. I will have to check that out and thanks! You sound like you got a lot of nice items and I bet you are doing a happy dance!