Today's goodies...

  1. So I went out and had a very relaxing facial today - I figured I deserved it after the awful last couple weeks I have had (i.e. someone smashed into my parked car and totaled it :cursing: - insurance is taking care of it, but slooowwwly).
    Since the Coach store was nearby, I just had to drop in and browse, and since you all know that "browse" quickly becomes "buy".... :graucho:
    I got myself the tattersall ponytail scarf I wanted to go with my Bleecker! They were out at the store so the SA ordered one for me - it should be arriving at my house next week.


    Then I decided to drop by TJMaxx on my way home, and I found such an adorable planner on clearance! Style #8839 - the 3x5 for only..... $39.00! Retail was $138 - I am very excited. A little conditioner on her and she looks wonderful! I generally keep all my contacts on my Palm Centro, so I'm putting in a small notebook for jotting instead of the address book.

    I am feeling very springy with my new pink & purple planner and my scarf on the way - and a little Coach definitely was a brighter way to end the week. :yes:

    (BTW does anyone know how much the calendar refills are through Coach? Or know what this color was called? The drilldown pic shows an 06 calendar in it, so that must be the year it is from... it is a salmony pink with purple trim. The tag says 8839 SV/DZ above the barcode, and I can't for the life of me think of what color that might stand for!)
    IMG_0747.JPG IMG_0749.JPG IMG_0751.JPG

  2. very cute purchase enjoy !!! :heart::heart:
  3. Cute finds! Here is the link to Coaches planner refills. I got mine at the outlet for a 5x7 and I believe it was $12.
  4. Great buys today!!!

    I really like that planner! :tup:
  5. You got some great buys there! Congrats!
  6. Firstly, you will love the tattersall scarf. It's gorgeous. I bought my cousin one for Christmas since she is a coachaholic like me. I have yet to get myself one.

    Seocndly, cute planner and great deal!! I don't know what it's called but I just ordered a refill calendar for mine and it cost me $14 and about $4 in shipping off the website. But I believe I have the 4x6 size so yours will probably be slightly cheaper.

    I found my planner for $42 at the outlets and I debated whether I should buy it or not (I know, I'm insane at times)-now I wonder how I ever got along without it!
  7. That's a cute planner...great buy.
  8. Wow what a great find! Congrats!
  9. Congrats, great deal on the planner and I love the scarf!
  10. woo hoo!!!! good for you!! EXCELLENT buys & you certainly deserved them :smile: the scarf is soo cute; i love that it can go with so many things. and the agenda... on a deal nonetheless! i scope out the marshall's by me allll the time hoping to find one, haha. im not sure about the refills, but i think you can order them off the coach website?? maybe check there for the price!! :smile:
  11. You got a great deal on the planner and I love the scarf!
    Congrats :smile:
  12. Darling planner!
  13. Way to go!!!
  14. Stores should have the refills, I would check with yours instead of paying shipping on it if the store is close by. I know our store carries them, but I can't be certain on the pricing on the top of my head.
  15. Thanks ladies - I'll ask my SA next time I am in the store so I won't have to worry about S&H. I love this planner - it fits in my bags so nicely.

    And I can't wait til my scarf gets here! I saw the oblong version in the store and the colors are sooo pretty IRL - and I love the light blue border on it. I'll post pics when it arrives. :yes: