Today’s goodies! MC and inclusion!

  1. Hi guys!! Well i just got back from my boutique in crown with some new goodies! I spent quite a while there chatting to my SA, looking at the new things. Last Monday I went to check out the much awaited amarante inclusion, it was as beautiful as I had hoped, but they only had the medium (regular) size. My SA told me they rarely receive the small ones and were unlikely to (not a big enough market in Australia) and that she would try to order me one but it was not definite. I also had a look at the MC zippy wallet which I have fallen in love with after seeing ichelle and bb10lue’s. They had it but not in the colour combination I wanted, the one with the blues on the front (I sound so picky). She said they probably wouldn’t receive anymore soon but shed check other stores. Well Thursday morning I get a call and she has already tracked BOTH down! I was thrilled, I was expecting to have to wait quite a while.

    Today I was able to go down and pick them both up. The inclusion bracelet looks quite a lot smaller compared to the medium sized one but it fit me, and the wallet had the colour combo I wanted. I wont bore you anymore, here are the pics! If anyone has any questions in reguards to the size of the bracelet PM me.
    zippy watermarked.jpg inclusion watermarked.jpg inclusion2 watermark.jpg
  2. Nice :nuts: Congrats :yahoo:
  3. beautiful, congrats!!!!
  4. Congrats!I love very beautiful!
  5. Congrats .. the inclusion looks stunning on you:heart:
  6. Congratz!
  7. thanks guys! i have been wearing the inclusion all morning around home, dont want to take it off :p
  8. Very nice. Congrats!
  9. Gorgeous!! Congratulations on your lovely pieces!!
  10. Great pieces. Congrats!
  11. Love The Zippy! Yay!
  12. Congrats!! I love the Inclusion bangle.
  13. congratulations !! they are both so beautiful.
    i would picky about the color combination too for the money you pay for that it should be exactly the way you want it !
  14. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE that MC Zippy the most!!! :drool:

    Congrats on the new hot purchases! ;)
  15. :p yea i knew i had to have the zippy the first time i saw someone post pics of it on the forum. So much for not spending that much on a wallet, haha, must be destiny. Thanks everyone!