Today's Fedex delivery

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  1. My newest acquisition, just delivered. :yahoo:


    Anyone want to guess?
  2. open it up!!! I am terrible at guessing. Ok a Birkin..
  3. No - it's not a Birkin :graucho:
  4. interesting- not a shawl or scarf as there is not enough depth?
  5. i am perplexed
  6. shoes--boots
  7. is this an optical illusion meant to confuse?
  8. ^^^ zrusky - you're good ;)
  9. It wasn't intended to be, but apparently it looks flat.
  10. :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo: this is exciting!!!
  11. ty ty ty. CL boots often come in a large box like this...ok let's see which ones you got?? I am eyeing this pair with zips on the inside.
  12. let's see!
  13. makes guessing more exciting!
  14. No zippers.
  15. oooh then the others ones, the slip on flat ones with a nice little lock thingi on top.