Today’s Exclusive Jomashop Deals + Burberry $495 Giveaway!

  1. Good afternoon to all you great PurseForum members! :smile:

    This is my first official thread in a long string of dazzling Joma holiday deals that are going to light up your Christmas season because....they are JUST for you!

    I have already posted some sweet deals earlier today, and in case you missed it, you can always take a look here:
    Megs kindly posted the first one (thanks Megs!) and if you scroll down you will come to my post near the bottom with even more new offers.

    So take a break from trimming the tree and find some great presents to put under it at amazing prices that only Joma can muster!
    :xtree: <------Looking good! Just needs some JomaPresents to make it perfect....

    FIRST, we have a great FREE contest that you can enter to win a brand new CASHMERE BURBERRY SCARF!
    • Retail $495 yours for Free – enter to win!

    Rules: Find one item on jomashop that you would realistically like to buy. Post the link for the item below and tell us who you would like to buy it for. On Monday Megs will randomly pick one winner. All the non winners will then be offered a price on the item of interest to purchase at an offered sale price. You will have 24 hours to accept the offer!
    • <LI class=MsoNormal>Cashmere muffler in large check pattern. <LI class=MsoNormal>Fringed ends. <LI class=MsoNormal>80" x 15" with 3" fringed ends. <LI class=MsoNormal>Dry clean. <LI class=MsoNormal>Made in Scotland .
    • Retail $495

    ****And now, on to TODAY'S DEALS:****
    And keep letting me know what you want! That is what it is all about - finding out what you want and getting it to you!

    So keep me posted, and I will make sure to let Santa (I mean Charles) know! :santawave:
  2. You are too cute! :smile:

    Good luck to everyone! And keep sharing those ideas! We love to hear them....
  3. Any Breitling Avenger for my soon to be husband. I told him years ago that when he proposed it was only fair I get him a gift as well. He's lovedddd a Breitling forever and I think I would like to surprise him with one on the day of our wedding.