Today's Coach window shopping (a.k.a. random Coach ramblings)

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  1. Ok, I'm going to the beach tomorrow which I haven't done in probably almost 10 years. I'm just not a beach girl but I want my son to see the ocean. Anyway, went shopping today for some beachy stuff and since I was in the mall I had to stop at Macy's and Coach, of course!

    I saw the super duper cute Bonney high top sneakers at Macy's and now I want them even more! The signature with the striped lining are the ones I want though I also did see signature ones with ocelet print lining-interestingly, the only ones on the site are the ones with tattersall lining.

    Macy's had the same random summer bags on sale. Bleh, nothing there thrilled me. Ooooh but I did see the cute cute cute apple keyring and I MUST have it! I am studying to be a teacher after all so this is sooooo me. I couldn't spring for it myself as the upcoming school year has already bankrupted me but I did show it to dh on the site tonight so hopefully he got the hint, lol! Though I'm not holding my breath.

    Then it was off to the Coach boutique which, well is right next to Macy's so that was easy. I was looking for some sunglasses which I am desperately needing and craving the Mimis. This boutique had a whole display with like 2 or 3 styles only shown over and over again. No Mimis, not that I was buying today anyway.

    I saw the new colorful Ergo bags which the SA said are velvet and suede. Really pretty and the display was attracting everyone who walked in there. I'm just not sure it's $500 plus worth of pretty for ME. I also saw the chocolate leather Carly which I have so been waiting for and it did not thrill me at all. I wish it was available with a contrasting color trim-that would really improve the bag imho. The embossed Hampton bags are cute though I'm not really a Hampton girl usually, I didn't even know about these before I walked in to the boutique today.

    Honestly, I'm really not feeling any of these new bags~which is good for my broke self I guess :rolleyes: but I WANT to like something, lol. I still love Abbey though that is really out of reach. Oh but what I do like now is the legacy shoulder flap. When I saw it in pics and online I was not impressed but I do like the look of it in real life. Now, what color? Sig or leather or suede? Must start saving....

    Oooops! Sorry for the super long post but thanks for letting me ramble ;)
  2. the red and chocolate leather bags didn't really appeal to me either but the sude patchworks did...hehe
  3. Thanks for sharing
  4. :sad: I was waiting for the Chocolate leather Carly, sure that it was my next bag, but the pics online aren't thrilling me. I have to go see it in person but I agree with Sweetmelissa that it might need a contrasting colour. Oh well. I do like the looks of that Miranda though.
  5. I am not tempted by any of the new bags either.. but I am glad :tup: because I am broke and trying to stay away from my addiction to coach anyway :rolleyes: Just so you know, I just went to primm, nevada (just outside of las vegas and they had several of the black abbey's... ;)
  6. not thrilled about or loving much of anthing new right now in terms of coach bags.....
    however, i did love and order the breast cancer charm!!!! so so pretty:heart:
  7. I was @ the coach boutique today & much to my DH's delight, I wasn't in love with anything. Although, I am hoping for a PCE coupon, so I was disappointed.