Today's beauty haul lol.

  1. Went to NM today intending just to pick up some Fekkai shampoo, but ended up getting a Fekkai brush, conditioner, mens shampoo and hair gel for the bf, and Laura Mercier body wash (almond and creme brulee).

    I've been using the creme brulee for a while and I can never get tired of that smell :heart::nuts: I smelled the almond today and hope I like it as much later tonight when I get to try it.

    The Fekkai brush feels like heaven! I had one ages ago and lost it, only to have it replaced by a crappy brush, I forgot why these brushes were so great.

    I feel happy as a clam and I didn't even have to buy a bag today :roflmfao: So just wanted to share :smile:

  2. Oooh! I need a GOOD hairbrush, I have long thick hair and I am sick of crappy brushes. I had a boar bristle one once where the head fell off the handle! ugh. Are all the fekkai ones in one solid piece?
  3. All the ones I saw looked like they were solid pieces, there was a travel one but I didn't really pay much attention to it because my SA said that my hair is thick so the large would be perfect. The one I got has boar bristle coupled with regular bristles, it feels like heaven to use :heart: It feels very sturdy too!
  4. ive heard the brushes are great! i might invest in one
  5. Awesome! I want that brush now. :crybaby:
  6. You should get it! I love the brush :smile:
  7. HI!!!

    Whats different about the brush? Please fill me in!
  8. ^it kind of has this combo bristle thing going on, like it has those regular bristles but short boar bristles too, so it feels really good when you brush your hair and doesn't hurt if you hit a tangle but can get it out. It feels really good when someone else is brushing your hair too. I guess you just have to try it :smile:
  9. oooh la la...sounds exciting! lol. I have short to medium length silky Asian hair and don't get knots at all! Perhaps I'll have to try it anyways. :biggrin:
  10. I don't really get knots either, but oddly enough I had one yesterday and was like ahh! I have Asian hair too :smile: Also medium length but kind of thick. Definitely try it!
  11. I love that Technician shampoo and conditioner - It's really good!
  12. Wow I am so tempted for this brush now. I love it when my bf plays with my hair & scalp. It's such a sensual feeling. This brush might end up being my best friend. LOL.

    I jsut checked online and whew!! For the price it better give me an orgasm or something. lol :lol::happydance:
  13. Wow - great haul:yes:
  14. LouisLady: It will :roflmfao:
  15. I was looking at Frederik Fekkai shampoos yesterday. I only have the spray-in conditioner w/ SPF and I like everything except the smell. I may have to look for a new brush now! Mine is old and nothing special.