== TODAY'S a GOOD ONE.. and some Belated REVEALS!!! ==

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  1. Hi everyone!

    My last reveal was back in September after my HK Trip.. Ive been very busy since then and i miss you guys as much as I miss posting here.. I’ll make this SHORT and SWEET as always..

    As I indicated, today's a good one for me.. Since I just got home from the LV Store here in Manila (Greenbelt)!!!

    BUT first, I'll start off with my belated reveals from my trip to LA with the BF last October. These purchases are from Rodeo Drive LV and the Beverly Center.

    (I apologize for the yellow lighting since I shot them at night indoors at my BF's brother's apartment..)

    Here's the first one: I LOVE the SLOUCH!!







    And Third, though I don’t have a picture of it yet since my Mom took it from me as soon as she saw it -- is a DAMIER SPEEDY 35..

    And those are my goodies from the City of Angels.. :smile:
  2. So far so good. Congrats! More more MAWR! :P
  3. I love Mahinas :love: And pomme is yummy! :yes:
    Congraats! :smile:
  4. Another haul of fantastic purchases! :yes:
    Really love the zippy coin purse - (Pomme D'Amour :heart: makes as a the perfect pop of in-handbag colour!).... and that slouch - so soft and smooshy looking! Great choices.
  5. And today: :tup:



    Pink happens to be my favourite, favourite color.. I am so in :heart::heart::heart: with PINK.


    My SA says its the only Alma MM in the store that’s in this color for now.. And that there is a veryyy veryyy long waitlist.. I have been dreaming about it for nights so I feel very lucky to take it home with me!! I am just soooo happy!!!

    They had the Roses Speedy and Roses Neverfull MM on display but they are only selling the Pochettes today..

  6. Additional pictures of the Mahina XL since I was using this today:


    And a blurry shot of the sisters:


    Thank you all so much for taking the time to look. I am so in :heart: and so :yahoo:right now. Take care everyone!!
  7. Congrats ...lovely purchases:yes:
  8. Wow gorgeous items. I love the bright pink Alma and the XL. Congrats! xx

    p.s. nice hi-fi in the background, are you a stereophile?
  9. Superb purchases!!!! Congratssss, you must be over the moon! :graucho:
  10. Huge congrats on your new goodies !! I love them all :love:.
  11. Both the purses and the accessories are wonderful additions. You are lucky indeed to get the pink Alma MM. Congrats.
  12. what great buys... love both bags!!! congrats!!!
  13. A great reveal! Congrats..
  14. Congrats! What beautiful items you purchased!! Stunning Mahina, Alma, and those roses, and a pretty pomme coin purse... WOW!
  15. Wow... Nice purchases! Love your Mahina and your new roses pochette ;)