Today's 20% coupon haul

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  1. bonnie signature turnlock wallet 42551
    soho scarf print wristlet F42830
    Script Coach fob F92111
    Mini sig 3 by 5 planner FS8802 (FS??!!) $20.00
    medium Patent Zoe green
    OP art small Cosmetic bag
    Parker mushroom sling over the shoulder little bag (don't know what it's called) 42585

    No camera right now-- but most of these have pics on ebay

    Coach 42551 Bonnie Signature Slim Envelope Black Wallet - eBay (item 400058912750 end time Jul-29-09 17:47:01 PDT)

    **BRAND NEW** COACH SOHO WRISTLET F42830 NEW TO EBAY - eBay (item 320399090487 end time Jul-20-09 09:14:18 PDT)
  2. Great haul, you had a great day at the outlet. I'm such an addict I can picture most of your finds without even looking on *bay. It would be great if you could post pics when you can.
  3. Yeah I'd love to see pics! I don't know what the script fob or Parker is off the top of my head.
  4. Nice haul! Can't wait to see picts! Is the fob you're talking about the brass circle one with Coach in the middle?!
  5. No it has the word Coach written as the whole thing...

    92111 I'll try to take a pic
  6. Nice haul. I had that Coach fob script thing walking around with it. There was only 1 left,but i wound up putting it back.
  7. Oh wow you got your purse!!!! Congrats!!!
  8. Love the wallet! How much was it?
  9. #9 Jul 19, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2009
    I tried to take pics and they are awful, can someone give me pointers?

    I forgot to say we got a couple of key chain "locks" in the $9 bin. it is cool because they are brass, they are nonfunctional.
  10. Yes that's precisely it --I'll keep trying. THX

    The red coach fob in Bunny's thread on the Japanese bag looks like what I got, mine is pink.
  11. I got that mushroom swingpack, too. I love it, it's sooo lightweight!
  12. I think its the same one CoachGirl 12 has in her reveal.
  13. Yes I got the green Zoe I as pining after. The Coach script is the same as in CoachGirl 12's thank you for finding a decent pic of it.
  14. nice haul liz! yay you got the same fob as me! don't you love it? so cute! when you can, take pics of your haul (even though we know what it all looks like, its still fun to see what everyone got!) :biggrin: congrats woman!