1. Well, as you know, I've been wanting a Speedy 25 in Mono for my Birthday!
    My birthday is on the 4th of April, and that's durring spring break. Sadly, all my friends have plans for going out of state, so I couldn't have a party. :crybaby:

    So my mom thought I should have my little "Get together" today. I got all my gifts, and then my dad said there was one more..
    I was almost drooling.
    He handed me a bag from LV.
    I screamed!
    Then I realized that it was the same bag from when I got my shoes... and it was the same box.
    I opened the box, and $700 was inside. He said I could get whatever I wanted!

    So I got in the car with my parents, and my friends met me at our mall. My mom said she wanted me to buy the item at LV infront of my friends.

    So my mom dropped me off, and I went right to LV.

    I go to this LV TONS. Most of the SAs know me in there, and normally they all greet me. All of them know my name, and normally my SA comes over and shows me the new things...
    But today, since I was with my friends, they didn't say hello at all! They just stared at me like I was going to steal something! :wtf:
    I went over to my SA, and I told her that I had my birthday money, and that I wanted to see my Speedy 25. She acted as if she never saw me before, and she didnt want to let me hold it.
    So I decided to show her that I had the correct amount of money, and I put the MC Speedy 30 I bought off of her before on the counter. (Just to remind her that shes helped me like 50 times)
    But she continued to be rude.

    My friends were all laughing at me because they thought I was kidding about me being such a big LV shopper. They can't tell real from fake, so they thought I was carrying a fake!
    They thought I made up everything about everyone knowing me at the store... I was so Embarrassed!

    Whenever I go in that store with my mom, they treat me like gold! They know my name, and my birthday and stuff.
    But when I went in there with friends, I felt like I was a criminal. :cursing:

    Well, I didn't leave with the Speedy.
    Infact, I don't think I want to go back to that LV.
    There's another one around here, so I think I'll just go to that one.

    What they did to me to day was just shocking.
    If I was in there with my mom, they would have been all sweet. But I went in there with some friends, and I was treated like crap.
  2. I'm sorry to hear that you got treated that way. You should write a letter to the manager and complain. But, happy birthday and congrats on being able to get another LV!!
  3. Ugh, sorry to hear about the poor customer service. I hope you have the chance to have a happy time when you finally get your bday gift. Happy early bday!
  4. I really want that speedy.
    I have to wait until next week to go to the other mall.
    I think I'm going to explode if I dont get my hands on it soon.
  5. Sorry you were treated so poorly. You should really complain. You did the right thing by leaving. These bags are too expensive to be treated poorly when you go in to send your money. That is unfortunate they took all the fun out of your shopping trip with your friends. Happy Birthday.
  6. I could look at this in a good way..
    If I save my money until my birthday, and other family members give me money, then I'd have more money..
    Last year I got like.. $100 from my aunt, and $100 from my sister.
    I'm sure that if I save that.. then I could get my greedy hands on that Cerises Speedy 25 on let-trade.

    :graucho: I like my thinking.

    Well, dreaming. Haha!
  7. omg, i thought your story was gonna have a happy ending the first time around!! how frustrating it must've been for you and that is so not a proper way to treat you regardless if you're always at that LV store or not. I hope your new store will treat you much, much better. Can't wait til you get your speedy!
  8. uughhh im so sorry tho'. You can write a complain to the store manager and tell her/him how the SAs treated you. Anyway, happy birthday :yahoo:
  9. I would complain to the manager and call 866
  10. That was so horrible of the sales associates to treat you that way on your birthday. Especially when they knew it was your birthday. I thought it was going to be a happy story, but I'm sorry everything didn't go as planned.
  11. oh did the right thing by not giving them your business. no one should be subjected and humiliated like that esp when your buddies were with you! definitely contact the mgr and go take your business elsewhere. i hope you do end up getting the bag of your dreams though! happy early bday!
  12. i'm sorry for the terrible treatment. i hope you get that speedy soon :heart: happy bday!
  13. SOrry that happened to you- that's just unacceptable! But I have to ask- were your friends being obnoxious? I know if I was an SA and saw a big group of young girls come in I would be wary of their actual buying power.
  14. I'm so sorry this happened to you... especially on your b-day!!! :crybaby:
  15. awwww!! i'm so sorry you had that sort of experience at that LV, I'm glad you decided not to get the speedy there because that SA definitely did not deserve the sale!!

    on the other hands, that was very sweet of your parents!