Today was the first day....

  1. Today I missed some classes...I haven's missed classes in about two years.

    I had this weird pain under my ribs in the middle of my ab I went to health services and found out I have an inflamed stomach...crazy! Its caused by stress!!!! So tPFers...don't get stressed out too much because then you might feel like you are getting punched in the stomach every hour! :nuts:
  2. oh my god.... i hope you feel better soon.. chill out a bit and try not to get too stressed
  3. Oh man! I hope you feel better soon!
  4. Owie! I hope that you're feeling alright now!

    How do they fix something like this?
  5. I basically just have to take some kind of medication...and let my stress out. I do yoga, jog, and weight train but I guess my body is just giving out. I think I want to try kick boxing, or something a bit more physical to let out the stress from coach cheerleading...its so dramatic that its better than some of the stuff you see on MTV reality shows
  6. i hope you start to feel a lot better soon.... get some rest for now...
  7. That must hurt. I hope you feel much better soon!
  8. I hope you feel better soon. Go out and buy a new bag so you have something nice to think about and not strees out.
  9. awww thanks...y'all are great. I do like the idea of buying a new bag:yes: