Today was my LUCKY DAY!

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  1. Just the other day I bought the purple Day with GSH. I was dying for a purple b bag, and NM in Paramus only had the Day, so I bought it and fell in love with this style.

    BUT, my SA called me last night to let me know a purple city with GSH came back as a return, that it was never used and was in pristine condition. I told him to hold it till I could get there this morning, well that bag belongs to me now! I can't believe I have 2 purple B bags :nuts:, I feel so lucky I should go and buy a few scratch off's :P. Anyway, here's my new city>


    Here's my 2 purple babies, I just love them. Thanks for letting me share this obsession :lol:

  2. so pretty! lucky you!!!!
  3. Are you keeping them both?!!
  4. Beautiful! They are stunning together! Can't wait for modeling pics!
  5. So pretty! I love this color and the leather looks gorgeous! Congrats!
  6. I do feel a bit on the gluttenous side, but yes I will keep both :king:
  7. OH my!! They are gorgeous!!!
  8. I love both of your violet bags. You are a lucky girl in indeed. Congratulations!
  9. wow! two beautiful violets. congrats!
  10. You really are lucky! Congrats on two beauties!
  11. Congrats on both of them. They look like they have great leather!!
  12. I love both of your bags! Congratulations!
  13. Love the purple babies! Congrats.
  14. The city has one of the most saturated coloured, gorgeously veiny, supple looking leather ever!! :tup::nuts:
  15. Both are so gorgeous. Congrats on your new buys!