today was just a...bizarre day.

  1. is it a full moon?

    today at work, it was just one thing after another.

    first i had a crazy customer with installation scheduling issues because she's self-employed as an international criminal profiler, specializing in international child trafficking and white slavery.

    then an older couple came in and wanted to exchange their car GPS after they broke the charger, but we wouldn't do it for them (it's not our fault they broke it, it wasn't defective) and this 75 year old woman proceeded to scream at my manager for an hour and then refuse to leave the premises. her and her husband eventually got so abusive that they had to be escorted out by the local police. and they were ELDERLY.

    then i helped like 4 customers in a row, all with newborn babies in tow, the last couple with twins.

    then a man cut a display laptop from it's casing with bolt cutters and ran straight out the door with it.

    then the power in the entire store went out for half an hour.

    then my friend chris came in to work and he said that he saw an elderly lady hit a cyclist with her car on the way to work!

    and then, blessedly, they let me go home. i'm not leaving the house tonight, the crazies are out!

    anyone else have a bizarre day, or was it just me?
  2. holy heck!! what a day!

    i've just felt kind of slow and foggy all day...i think it was all the chemicals in the bleach when i got my hair done coupled with coming down off too much coffee. :smile: i'm the only one being bizarre.
  3. :huh:

    Oh wow

    No, my day was quite normal.

    What type of job do you have, btw?
  4. i sell appliances at Best Buy
  5. Yep! The crazies are out and have all headed straight for Best Buy! Stay in, pull the shades and lock the doors. Quickly.
  6. It's my birthday at midnight that's traditionally a time for crazies to be out, LOL!
  7. Puuullleaze tell me he went for the Fire Exit!? PLEAASE????:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  8. Wow, Amanda, I hope you are off work this weekend, LOL! Bless your heart. :smile:
  9. Happy early Birthday! Any exciting plans for the weekend? :biggrin: :yes:
  10. lol, sadly no, it would have been too awesome if he did. just thinking about that makes me laugh :biggrin:. although when the power went out, the employees all had to scramble to cover the emergency exits, because their timer and alarm goes out with the lights! it's kinda funny to watch us all run like chickens with our heads cut off, i'm sure.
  11. lol no day off until'll be seven days straight without a day off...weekends mean nothing when you work retail!
  12. weird...a few days ago I found myself laughing at this girl who was walking through the store...she looked about 14 and was wearing hot pants that seriously looked like nothing but underwear, half her @$$ was hanging out (I am not exaggerating). she had an older man with her. later they came into my department to buy shoes, she was wearing a new outfit that had all the tags still on it, and the guy emphasized to me that they were 'starting over' and were going to tear up her old clothes (half of which had been left in the dressing room). the girl was on drugs, she spoke with a husky voice and couldn't look straight at me. he bought her the outfit and a pair of shoes, and they left. the LP people questioned me afterwards. i thought it was really weird.

    i also saw two little kids in matching tie-dye motley cru tshirts, which i thought was funny.

    but today nothing too weird happened.
  13. LOL...definitely stay in tonight!
  14. Hahaha. Oh my goodness, what a day.
  15. I had some guy ram me as I was coming off 400. The bad part was that he's a blacksmith and had an anvil and all kinds of metal in his truck. Smashed the back of my car. It looks like 5k in damage! sigh.