Today was a good mail day for me! Star charm

  1. Purchased from eBay for the pond ergo tote that is scheduled for delivery tomorrow (yay more photos to post!!!) Love this!
    star charm 1 001.jpg star charm 1 002.jpg
  2. Very cute, congrats! Can't wait to see the Ergo!
  3. cute! :tup:
  4. what was the style # again did you say ?? for the star charm thx
  5. cute.. I have one too :smile:
  6. 92042 is the style #
  7. thanks again :smile:
  8. If you are interested in it, PM me. The lady I bought it from had 2 at the time, and she was soo nice and it came nicely packaged w/the outlet bag, box and a gift receipt, nice note and everything. I'll look up her info for you if you want.