Today show this morning. Tues, March 20th

  1. Did anyone happen to catch the Today show this morning? They did a story on counterfeit items (Primarily handbags) sold on the internet and on eBay. They featured a business that would authenticate and insure any purchases up to $25,000 (?). They stated that the seller could purchase the service for their auctions or that the buyer, for a small fee, could purchase the service for their purchases. They showed their logo at the bottom of an eBay listing they had pulled up and at the end of the story the reporter stated that there were two companies offering this service, the one they featured as well as one other company. I cannot remember the names of either service and searched the "Today Show" website hoping for a synopsys of the story but could not find one. Anyone see it or know the names of these companies?
  2. There should be a video clip on :smile:
  3. You know, I looked there and I couldn't seem to find it....argh, I'll try and look some more.............
  4. I did watch through that stuff and as luck would have it I remember it aired just before I left for work at 8:30, shortly after the airplane story!!! Argh....I thought I would remember the name but alas, after a long day of Blah, blah, blah at such luck!
  5. I'm sorry. maybe it will come to you in your sleep.
  6. I saw it and I can't believe it, but I actually remember! The service is called BuySafe and it offers insurance/bonding services. It guarantees the buyers that they are getting an authentic product when they buy from a seller who is registered with them.
  7. Am I understanding this correctly?? This company will guarantee/authenticate any bag regardless if it is FAKE or not?? If so, that company should be closed down!!!!!
  8. It's HORIBBLE! May you'd recall what's company they said?
  9. and people will fall head over heels for their service even though they are scamming.
  10. OMG :wtf: Anyone know if there's law enforce can't stop them? It's influence to cyber crime, trademark abuse and counterfeit!! :cursing:
  11. That's it, that's it!!!!!! Yes, it it some sort of guarantee that the product is authentic and sellers can use the service to authenticate and insure the item or the seller can offer it to the buyer who pays a small fee. I am guessing like CarolDiva or MyPoupette type thing except they will insure the item for authenticity and refund your money in the case of receiving a fake! They insure up to $20,000 or $25,000 I can't exactly remember. I was supposed to be running out the door to work but stopped to watch the story on all of the counterfeits online. I've never heard of it but was wondering what other's thought. It was a story on AVOIDING fakes. They authenticate websites and eBay sellers can use their service to authenticate their items and so forth. I guess there are two different new companies for this, one is called Buy Safe and then there was another one, too. Anyone ever heard of it or used it?

    The story was actually a great story, they went through many of the ways to authenticate bags, how much revenue is lost each year on taxes that are NOT paid on these items, how many jobs are lost due to counterfeit items, how many small businessess are put out of business due to counterfeits, how much product the FBI seized last year and so forth. Then while they were talking about how to combat fakes they went into the story about this company and I wanted to research further and find out what everyone thinks here.

    and by the way it didn't come to me in my sleep, just a dream about being on set of a new JLo movie where they can't decide whether or not they want the opening scene to be of her sliding down a huge, gorgeous, red velvet staircase on a piece of cardboard or slide down the bannister! hehe I had Pei Wei for dinner last night right before bed....don't do it!
  12. No, it wasn't that way at all.....they were saying that this service/company was a way to AVOID being scammed online!!
  13. Hey, here's the site: and you can actually all watch the clip from The Today Show there..........any thoughts?
  14. Perhaps it is just me, but does it seem to anyone else that the more people try to come up with ways to avoid counterfeit items and insure their purchases and crackdown on security, the MORE we see fakes, the MORE people get scammed and the EASIER it is for people to get away with it? I don't know, but I think everything is just so counterproductive...