Today Show talks about classic bags...

  1. Was watching the Today Show this morning and they talked about classic bags that are worth investing in.

    Mentioned were:

    Chanel - 2.55
    Gucci - Jackie O
    Louis Vuitton - Speedy
    Hermes - Birkin or Kelly

    Here is the link to the video:

    Was kind of excited as I have a Gucci Jackie O bag!!

    Now I'm really interested in the Chanel 2.55. Can anyone tell me a bit about it? Is it different from the Classic Flap? And if so, how is it different? Thanks.
  2. I saw this too- great segment that also featured a gorgeous pair of Louboutin pumps! Nina Garcia has some Loubs on as well.
  3. Great segment! Thanks for posting! What does a Jackie O look like?
  4. Thanks for the post - fun to watch. Love those 2.55s! :tup:
  5. Very cool...
  6. Is the 2.55 really more classic than the classic flap?
  7. thanks for posting this... It's great to watch. Great to see that a black Reissue is there.
  8. Fun to watch. Thanx for the link!
    I have exactly those patent pumps(well other brand probably, but still) They are indeed very practical with lots of outfits!
    Happy to discover I have most timeless basics in my closet :smile:

    And I see a lot of girls have done well here with this particular chanel bag also ;)
  9. Thanks for posting. Interesting to watch
  10. Thanks for posting...very interesting.
  11. Very interesting!Thanks so much for sharing!:smile:
    BTW they should have mentioned that the little black dress was another Chanel innovation and I' m not sure whether the flats were too!:wondering
  12. I agree w/what she said about trendy bags. I'm considering getting rid of ALL of my *it* bags and just stick with the classics she mentioned (I have 2 already and one may be unattainable LOL). I think the classic bags will go with everything for every occasion.
  13. Thanks for posting! I do feel quite indulgent to have all the bags she mentioned! :p
  14. Oooops, the video is not available anymore... anybody knows how I can watch it? TIA.