Today Show segment on counterfeit bags

  1. I'm watching the Today show right now and there is a consumer segment on counterfeit items, in particular, handbags. They interviewed someone about purchasing fakes on eBay and that there are some grassroots, cyber consumer advocacy groups trying to police places like eBay. It goes on to say that Tiffany's and LV have filed lawsuits against eBay for not policing their site.

    Is anyone else watching this?
  2. I saw it this morning. I'm glad more light is being shed on the counterfeit bag problem which is just getting worse and worse because of ebay, iOffer, Craigslist, etc. I liked how they only gave some very obvious tips on spotting fakes. I mean, I'd like EVERYONE to be able to spot them and put these thieves out of business, but at the same time, the more we broadcast on national TV the mistakes the counterfeiters are making, the better they'll get at copying. :sad: It seems like it'll never end.
  3. Even my mom watched this and called me about it - I get everybody saw the Today Show segment. I'm glad awareness is being raised; it's the least that can be done.