'Today' Show Host Lauer & Pregnant Wife Split

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  1. [​IMG]
    Matt and Annette Lauer

    By WENN| Wednesday, October 04, 2006

    Today show host Matt Lauer and his wife of seven years, Annette, have officially separated.
    Lauer, 48, and his wife reportedly split in April, only to reconcile a short time later.

    A source tells Star magazine, "They were trying to work things out."

    The Dutch-born model, who is currently pregnant with the couple's third child, filed for divorce on Sept. 13 in Manhattan Supreme Court. The couple have a son, Jack, 5, and a daughter, Romy, 3.

    The source adds, "It's a pretty clean divorce--no fights, no custody disputes. They are following the pre-nup--no extreme demands or dramatic charges.

    "Everyone's gone to great lengths to keep everything private."
  2. THAT is SO sad :sad:

    I heard about them splitting last year but then she got pregnant. . . this is really sad news.
  3. So sad.
  4. Wow very surprised to hear this...I feel badly for the children involved that they can't work it out :sad:
  5. That's too bad. I was really hoping they'd last.
  6. Oh no, that's awful!!
  7. Oh no, so sad.
  8. So sad, I thought maybe they worked everything out since she was pregnant again. Too bad for them and their kids.
  9. How terrible to be going through a divorce while pregnant. :sad:
  10. It really makes me wonder how bad things would have to be for a woman to file for divorce while pregnant like that. This does not bode well for him IMO.
  11. Really sad for those kids.
  12. That's what I was thinking! She must be pretty mad at him!!
  13. sad

  14. why would she be mad at him??? it takes TWO to tango and im sure they BOTH decided that divorce was the best solution.
  15. Good for them. They did try to make it works but it didn't. I guess...it's for the best.
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