Today (Oct 31) only: double cash back at

  1. Through ******.com. Usually 4%, now at 8%
  2. I posted in deals & steals already, but I figure the LV forum should know about it too.

    ******.com is having a special for today (10/31) only, double cash back at Usually 4%, now 8%
  3. Very nice of you to inform the board:yes:
  4. By the way, 10/31 is counted in PST. ******.com is based in CA
  5. So it was for Eluxury... YES! Perfect time too right before the LV price increase. :wlae:
  6. Thanks Tods!
  7. wow! thanks!
  8. man, i just order 3 things from there...i hate when that happens...does that mean I should just order something else as well!!!
  9. Thanks for sharing! I just did some damage to my card. =X
  10. Too bad I don't have my Amex card yet. LOL.
  11. there is an LV price increase on everything? how much?
  12. :yahoo:With 5% sales tax, that would save me 13% or roughly $100 on the petit bucket I want! I was going to go to a store, but I think I will be elux'ing this one! Thanks so much for the info! :flowers:
  13. Hey Everyone!

    You must buy before midnight PST to get your 8% Cash Back. Remember to click on the eLuxury link through ******.

    Your Cash Back will not show up in your account immediately, so just relax for a few days and it will appear.

    I'm going to get a Marc Jacobs bowler today- can't wait!!! :yahoo:
  14. The Double Cash Back (so now 8%) is for any merchandise in the store. Happy shopping!
  15. i've never used ****** before...are they timely about sending you money back?