Today, my dear fiance surprised me...............

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  1. .........with some new LV goodies :yahoo:

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  2. k, this's gonna be as quick as possible...
    the big box's the monogram canvas speedy 35 :love:

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  3. awww what a sweet surprise. congrats!
  4. and here comes the smaller one...

    it's the tapage bag charm, my 1st charm ever :heart::heart::heart:

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  5. Love your goodies!! Congrats. You will love the 35! That charm is beautiful :smile:
  6. Congrats! what lovely treats...the speedy is such the staple and the charm is such a of both worlds....he's sweet for getting these but you must be sweet to get them!
  7. thanx louis&mark :smile:

    and a few modelling pics.took them with my mobile, sorry for the poor quality.

    well,that's it ladies...
    soo in love with my new bag and charm:yahoo:

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  8. AWWW!!! your DF is sooo sweet! Its priceless to have a man that understands LV!!! Congrats sweetie!!!
  9. Congrats!!!!
  10. what a sweet surprise. congrats!
  11. -mspera,deem0nessa,NLVOEWITHLV,carvedwords and fionana - thank u for your kind words...

    getting a new LV is a great thing...and being able to share your excitement around people who totally understands you, is even better :smile:

    by the way, ITA with you NLVOEWITHLV!! ;)
  12. Your fiance is so sweet! Congrats!
  13. very nice!! congrats!! Speedy's are great!! :heart:
  14. Awww..How sweet of your fiance'! You look great wearing your new Speedy & charm..Congrats!
  15. Congrats!! By the way, where did you get your shirt from? I love it!!!