Today, Ladies, is my 30th Birthday...

  1. :wtf:


    so that totally means I need to go and treat myself to something Coach, right?

    Oh - and to make matters wonderful husband is away at the Police Academy (he started on Monday - he's going to be a State Trooper! he's gone monday through friday for the next, gulp, 6 months.) So I'm really missing him right now.

    But a little Coach outta fix that, eh?

    (was hoping the website would be updated today...pooo...guess it's just new stuff at the stores?)
  2. Happy Birthday.......When I turned 30 there wasn't any cute Coach!!

    Shopping always makes us feel better, especially shopping for Coach.
  3. Happy Birthday!!!!
  4. Happy Birthday!! :drinkup:
    Get something from the timeless Legacy Collection while it is still available! The Legacy Satchel for example!:yes:
  5. happy happy birthday!!
  6. Thanks all!!!

    Marie - Excellent idea! Do you think it will still be in stores tomorrow? (Having dinner with parents/brother tonight...maybe someone got me a gift card...heheh)
  7. Happy Birthday !!
    Coach Legacy sounds like a Perfect 30th Birthday gift, have fun shopping !
  8. I love this one.. maybe you will too

    New COACH HAMPTONS STRIPE LARGE CARYALL This roomy, oversized style adds Signature stripe flair to your casual and dressy daytime outfits.
    Inside zip pocket
    Cellphone/multi-function pocket
    Zip-top closure
    Ring to clip an accessory or keyfob
    Feet to prevent from scuffing
    Signature jacquard fabric, Signature satin fabric, glove-tanned leather
    Fabric lining
    25 1/2” handles
    7 3/4“ drop
    14 1/4 (L) x 10 (H) x 5 1/4

  9. I'm not sure... maybe you could order it online with overnight delivery?:smile:

    Which color are you thinking of? The Legacy Satchels are TDF in pretty much every color!:love:
  10. Happy birthday.
  11. Happy Day! I agree whole heartedly get yourself a Coach Birthday present.

    If you search on Soho or Hamptons you can get sneak a peek at a few of the new items on (I also tried searching on New and it doesn't work)
  12. :party: Happy Birthday!!!

    I saw its definately a great time for a legacy piece or hamptons tote!!! Whatever you end up getting - enjoy it!!! And please post pics!! ;)
  13. Happy Birthday!!!!!
  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Can't wait to see what you get!
  15. Happy birthday! It sounds like you need a lot of Coach! Go for it!