Today is the worst day ever HELP

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  1. OMG, Just went into the living room and found my dog chewing the strap on my BRAND NEW just bought yesterday Demin Mini Pleaty Raye..I want to die I haven't even gotten a chance to show it off yet :sad: Does anyone know it the strap can be replaced:crybaby: Please Help
  2. You have to call LV. I'm sure it can be fixed.
  3. I agree, the strap can be easily replaced since it's one of those with the metal clasps. Good luck and bad, bad dog!
  4. do call LV! i'm sure it can be fixed. sorry that this happened without you even showing off your bag first.
  5. how did you restrain yourself!!!! bad doggie, but i am sure it can be replaced
  6. OMG! I am so sorry. Call LV...I am sure they can replace the strap for you.
  7. That sucks. Sorry about your purse. One of my roommates jsut got his wallet chewed up by his lil pom. There's a post of it floating on this forum.
  8. aaww. Sorry about the strap. On the positive side, at least it was only the strap & not the denim itself.....You can always replaced the strap instead of buying a whole new bag, right? :sweatdrop:
  9. My dog chewed on my LV 3 years ago as well.... :sweatdrop:
    I am sure you can fix it and it will brand new and you can still show it off..
    Hope everything works out.. :p
  10. The smell of new vachetta must have been too hard for the dog to resist. LV will surely get you another one. So sorry!
  11. i'm so sorry, but hopefully the strap can be replaced.....kepe us posted, please.:flowers:
  12. I called LV and they said it is fixable thank god. At least it wasnt my new Mirior Speedy, that would have been very depressing.
  13. that totally bites... no pun intended...i'm so sorry, I love the denim pleaty's; just gotta get it fixed....bummer.
  14. :wtf: If it had been your Miroir I think I would have cried along with you! Like Jazzie said, at least it was only the strap, which can be replaced easily, could have been worse. So sorry to hear about that. They have to create a spray for LV bags that wards off dogs..
  15. sorry to hear about your bag but good news that they can fix it phew!!