today is the day!

  1. I've got the day off and I am about to go into Browns and Selfridges and buy a Classique!!!!!!:love::heart::love::heart:

    Sooo excited... Browns has rouge vif, dark green, camel and Selfridges has camel, blueberry and a white-ish colour. :drool:

    Which one will it be!? I dont know.. I am going to stare and stroke the different colours before deciding which one I fancy.

    So far I am leaning towards the rouge vif or the blueberry. I think the rouge may be too bright but the blueberry is too dark! I have a feeling i shall just close my eyes and pick a colour as I am being sooo indecisive and cant make up my mind!:shame:

    wish me luck! Be back in a couple of hours with zhe news (and photos) :wlae:
  2. I'll go for the rouge vif
  3. :yahoo: B-Bag shopping:wlae: FUN! I wish i could come with you!!!! Ummm, im no good with colours, but i do LOVE :love: the blueberry!!! BUT the rouge vif is just TDF!!!
    good luck on what you decide!!! :flowers:
  4. What colours do you generally gravitate toward? My favourite colour is red so amongst the choices you've listed, it's a no brainer for me. Rouge Vif is the quintessensial red-red. It would perk up and glammorise any outfit!
  5. I was in Selfridges on Wednesday and they also had the Classique in a light and a dark grey. Also, do not let the SA put you off - the have plenty of other colours in the stock cupboards underneath the display!
  6. Have fun - both the rouge vif and blueberry are great colors. Let us know what you decide.
  7. Yay!! Looking forward to hearing what you decided on!
  8. hey girls!

    Well... it ended up being no brainer really.. I saw the red and Fell In Love. :heart:

    The leather felt much much more lucious and squishy than the blueberry and nicer to touch. It just looks gorgeous. THe one I have almost looks like it has slight pink undertones.

    This is the pic i just took on my camera phone. Will take more photos on my camera later on.
  9. so smooth and smooshy. congratulations - you picked well.
  10. :drool: :yahoo: Wooow I love it !!!!
    Congrats:love: :yahoo: !!!!!!
  11. Congratulations! I love b-bag shopping, sounds like a fun day, and you got a beautiful bag!
  12. Congrats! - yet another red bag acquired here today- I think there's 3 of us today with new Rouge Vif ones. I just got my city. Good choice although faced with those colors...hmmm...could I pick just one? I'm nuts about this color.
  13. Wooohoo! Congrats! It's beautiful! It looks so thick and smooshy!:yahoo:
  14. congrats!!!
  15. Yay:yahoo:

    I love Selfridges!!

    I miss shopping in Cambridge:crybaby: