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  1. I am going over to Saks today after work with my DH to decide between Red Patent Accordian with Puzzle Quilting and the Blush Rodeo Drive Hobo. ... well, also i will look at whatever else is in the store. I am planning on picking only one. Super excited! :yahoo::wlae::yahoo:
    so, I have a couple of questions....
    I plan on opening a Saks account and get 10% off
    I also see that you can get $400 GC if you purchase 2 bags over $1000. but are they really goign to make me buy another bag to get that GC or even though I am buying only one bag, will they give me the GC because either bag will be way over $1000?
    Also, are there any other promotions I can take advantage of to save me some $$$?
    (even though my DH assures me that it's technically not "saving" if they give you gift cards to purchase more stuff:shrugs:)

    Lastly, which one shoudl I go for? I know most arent too thrilled about the puzzle bag, but I hear the bright red patent is pretty hot.

    Thank you in advance for all your input!
  2. i think you have to buy 2 in order to get $400 . could be a chanel bag and a cheap othe brand wallet or coin wallet
  3. Yes, 2 bags for this egc event and they dont have to be both Chanel (any bags) -I had actually spent 3K on 1 bag and no egc this time must be 2, but you will get triple points!.:smile:

    and from your 2 choices: the rodeo:tup:
  4. yeah you do have to buy two bags, but one can be a wallet... look around they maybe some cheaper juicy wallets or even saks brand wallets or totes you can purchase and they are considered hand bag purchases...
    I plan on using my gift card towards some shoes/sandals- can not wait..
    oh yeah and i would say get the blush rodeo drive bag... not to sure what the red patent accordian looks like..
  5. On the Deals & Steals forum, some people were saying their SAs were honoring it so long as the purchase was over $1000(?)
  6. ^ Really? That's interesting. I guess I have to "sweet talk" to my SA into that kind of deal.
  7. ^ Wooooaahhhh!! I did a search and they are not doing that anymore? I guess I HAVE to get a cheap bag to qualify for GC now.
  8. I was at the SAKS in NY yesterday and I had to buy 1 bag over $1000 and a wallet, etc. of any sort from the handbag dept to qualify for the $400 gc. It doesn't have to be a wallet..the SA showed me some cosmetic cases, key holders, and coin doesn't matter what the price no min. on that.
  9. i guess I will try the "sweet talk" first and then if my charm:graucho: doesnt work, then I guess I will look for something small. maybe a key holder... I think it's time to grow out of bottle opener key chains ( i would still keep a bottle opener in my purse, just not on my keys).. ... thanks for your advice everyone!
  10. I had to get two bags to get the $400 gc.
    At first they said it could be a wallet but when i arrived they had changed the rules. So i got a $180 evening bag in addition to my evening star med. flap.

    But I like the blush rodeo more than the accordian i think.
  11. i prefer the blush rodeo. sorry i'm no help with info about saks egc.
  12. I wouldn't mind the puzzle bag in red, it's a pretty shade of red! Either way, can't wait to see what you end up picking up...! Good luck!
  13. Yay yay yay!!! I can't wait to see pics! I hope you're not shy about modeling pics, I've wanted to see both of these bags on and can't wait to see which you picked!