today is the day

  1. today is the day i am goiing to get my first (maybe only) birkin bag!!I am so nervous.:yahoo:
  2. Congrats in advance, Flower! Do let us know the outcome.
  3. We'll be waiting with you with baited breath!
  4. Good luck and God speed! Report back!lolx
  5. Eek! How exciting!
  6. oh dear, I think I will miss the party, but I will see you in 12 hours! Congratulations and cant wait to see!!!
  7. Woohoo! :yahoo: How exciting! Keep us posted :nuts:
  8. How exciting!!! Nothing beats the feeling of getting your first Birkin -- like a kid getting a present.
  9. Good luck!!! Can't wait to see pics!
  10. Good luck, flower!! I can't wait to see your pics. :smile:
  11. Congrats! When you get her you must post pics and tell us the whole story.

  12. :flowers::flowers::flowers: Good luck and Congrats! This will be one of the most memorable days in a girl's life.
  13. Flower - Congrats on your first Hermes Birkin!!!!! Please post pics and specs for us to drool over - LOL!
  14. Hurry back and report!
  15. what a great day. Let us know the outcome