Today is the day. Samsung Galaxy S3 announced!

  1. I played with my friends phone today, and thought it was cool. I am definitely thinking about picking it up but think I will hold out until I can compare it to the new iPhone.
  2. Except that the GS3 has a HD resolution screen, a faster processor, more memory, LTE...yeah...why upgrade?
  3. Yes, but the HD resolution screen is not that much different given the screen is only on a phone. The processor is better but, then again, not by that much and the same with memory. I am not saying it is not better - merely that it is not 'that much' better.
  4. Im interested in this phone! Cant wait to see in person :smile:
  5. Aarrgghh!!! I couldn't pre order coz I can't upgrade til July 1! But that's OK, it's only around the corner.

    For those of you getting one, you planning to root it?
  6. Gonna root and flash a new ROM the day I get it. :smile:
  7. Oh yes. I will root.
  8. I'm trying to find another home screen; I'm tired of the one I have. There's so many to choose from out there tho I get overwhelmed!

    Just two more weeks and I can finally get mine!!!
  9. I Pre-ordered this phone for my son and it's supposed to be in tomorrow. I can't wait to play with it. I debated whether to get one for myself or the iPhone. I went w/the iPhone, but then I talked my son into getting the Galaxy III. This way I can play with both of them!:biggrin:
  10. :tdown:Sprint bumped the release date for the Galaxy back 1-2 weeks! They don't event have a new date yet!:sad:

    (now THAT'S something that rarely happens with the iPhone!;))
  11. That's for the retail release. AT&T did the same thing. However, preorders will be fulfilled. I confirmed that my new Galaxy S3 is waiting for me when I get home. :smile:
    I don't think the carriers expected this much of a demand, but it's not that much different from the first iPhone releases. There were plenty of people turned away after stock was depleted.


    Are you saying your preorder was pushed back too?

    *edit 2*

    Engadget says Sprint preorders not affected.
  12. Yup!
    It was supposed to be in yesterday - the first time I called, they said 1-2 weeks, but didn't have exact information. I called back later and talked to someone else, and they said they should be in today. So I called this morning, and they said they're still waiting. I Pre-orderd mine through Sprint through Best Buy. They're usually pretty good about having things on release day, etc. (I wasn't planning on changing phone carriers, etc - it was all pretty spontaneous - but I got myself an iPhone and Pre-ordered/reserved the Galaxy III for my son)

    They said the shipment they're waiting for are the phones that were Pre-ordered and are reserved. They said Sprint won't have phones for them to put on sale to the general public for a few more weeks.
  13. Yeah...I think the preorder guarantee only applies when you order it through the carrier. Sucks.
  14. I need it ASAP !!
  15. Mine came in today. I am already using it. Love this phone!!!