Today is the day. Samsung Galaxy S3 announced!

  1. I was reading a few days a go that its coming out in a few countries on the 30th or 31st (cant remember) but there's no sign for Australia yet!
  2. I believe that the UK will get the phone in a week. I am anticipating the US announcement. I wonder what carriers will get it?
  3. Don't love the look of the S3 at all, the S2 is WAYY nicer aesthetically speaking.

    I have a S1 so I will probably upgrade early next year to the S2.
  4. I think it gets released in Europe today? Is that correct?
  5. today it was released in Europe and parts of Asia.
    waiting impatiently for US pre-order, love my S2.
  6. I think that it said a possible 20 June release in US? 11 July for white variant
  7. Is any one here in Europe and was lucky and picked one up today? Any comment?
  8. Oh and was both colors released in Europe or just blue gradient?
  9. Awesome features.... one of the best phone ever
  10. It seems as if all networks will preorder tomorrow. I will order 32gb white! So happy!
  11. They shall ship 21 June?
  12. Having looked at and played with a real life S3, I much prefer my Galaxy Note; the big screen is simply awesome. Yes it is big but that's not a problem since I never phones in my pocket anyway.
  13. Just pre-ordered one in Pebble Blue. I'm so chic!